Basic logo try-out for the SDS-Services
try-out logo for SDS-Services

SDS Digital Net: What is it for?

SDS Digital Net is a part of the SDS-Services Network, which I started in January 2023 to gather all the sites I am currently working on. (see underneath this text for a list of all these sites…).

After having jumped onto the crypto craze in 2019-2020, without any investment in my hands, I became a full-time crypto trader, Although I must say I have the luck to spend my time however I want, as the Belgian government has retired me from the obligation of doing a job in favour of another person.

You must know, during my life, I’ve got one penalty after another, resulting in awfully huge debt, solely containing of disciplinary penalties, due to the abuse of illegal substances. This means for the coming twenty to twenty-five years, officially I can only receive $1,300 as my monthly income, all that I earn above this goes straight to the state, to pay my debts to the juridical system of