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Dear friends of FastMoneyontheInternet,

if you’re an active user of downline builder MyDownlineNetwork, then you probably know I’m a big fan of the EZ systems!

This is mainly because the EZ sites have turned out to be the most effective and profitable ones for my personal business.

And I need to mention that the admin of the EZ-network is a dedicated guy who does Internet marketing in an esthetic way, wherewith I mean he works of course for his own profit, but active members of his systems who follow his way of working, profit all along with him! 

Just try it out and see for yourself, you’ll find the EZ-sites in the downline builder of MyDownlineNetwork.

For what about the EZ-Cryptos system, he just added two faucet-like websites, based on Tron (TRX) and DOGE. When you subscribe now, you’ll get 4 FREE: 50 TRX and 20 DOGE

Go search the faucet website which is giving such a bonus to new subscribers, I don’t think you’ll find one and if you do, let me know!

Anyhow, to make things easy here’s your link to subscribe within’ the EZ-Cryptos system:


By the way, EZ-Cryptos is a downline building system for cryptocurrency websites, highly recommended and very profitable if you put some work into it, good luck & may you succeed in what you aim for!

Kind regards,

Stijn Desmet


admin of MyDownlineNetwork

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Get those coins in less than 5 minutes!


 Dear friends,

I suppose you all like obtaining free money effortlessly…

Well, here I have two initiatives which will bring a nice amount of crypto coins into your wallets/accounts. 

I’m talking here about newly released coins, so unless you like taking huge risks, resulting in huge profits (in the best scenario), do not spend your money on these websites, as they could result in a scam (in the worst case scenario).

However, to get these coins, just register on their websites, that is all that is asked from you in order to get the free crypto.

Here are the links:

–> BitcoinFuture

–> Ellafund

To your success!

Kind regards,

Stijn Desmet

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Start crypto-trading with $16 in crypto: you’ll get it 4 free in 5 minutes!


Dear reader,

The Coinbase team has done it again, proving itself as the best crypto exchange to start your crypto adventures with.

So, why do I say this? Well, one could start trading without any money in his/her pockets (accounts). 

Coinbase is offering a bonus when you do the effort to learn a bit about certain cryptocurrencies. Right now you can earn AMP (Amp), ALEPH (Aleph.im), HOPR (Hopr), GAL (Project Galaxy) & GRT (The Graph).

Altogether, this is a $16 value and you’ll earn it in minutes, as the given courses are pretty short and the final test has only 1-3 questions to complete before you can cash in.

On top of that, Coinbase also offers a $10 signup bonus, once your trading volume exceeds $100. As well as your referrer, as well as you, are receiving this 10% bonus to start trading with!

But, hurry, do not wait any longer as the ‘learn to earn’ feature is only valid for the first x participants and could be removed from the site at any given moment.

Check it all out by following this link:

–> Coinbase: cryptocurrency exchange

Oh, and have I mentioned that Coinbase is the perfect start for any crypto adventure? 

The site its layout and colour scheme are optimized for its users, so navigation occurs flawlessly, here you won’t lose valuable time searching out how it all works…

And if you should need more info about any cryptocurrency, no problem, ’cause this exchange is packed full of information and knowledge bases about the crypto theme.

Good luck and kind regards,

Stijn Desmet

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Upgrade your commission with ‘Commission Upgrade’, a quality video series about sales funnels




Commission Upgrade

Dear friend,

if you’re eager to learn how to set up your very own sales funnels (for like your online business), then the ‘Commission Upgrade’-course is a great learning tool for as well absolute beginners as more experienced marketers.

The online video series will guide you through the several options and marketplaces to sell your digital goods and/or services, and shows you the different ways you can market your offers.
The first part of video series is free, the more in depth training costs $20, but therefore you’ll receive besides the quality video training, a whole arsenal of advertising tools, as paying customers get the chance to sell ‘Commission Upgrade’ themselves and keep 100% of the money instead of only 40% for the free members.

Hence, the name of the program, you upgrade the training and as a result, you also upgrade your commissions, with:

This is a quite easy one to market to your relatives and business partners, in particular to those who are dreaming of selling their own offers online. 

Good luck and kind regards, 

Stijn Desmet 
admin of https://www.mydownlinenetwork.com/index2.php?r=freecryptowebsite&t=imBlogger


Perpetual Traffic Machine



Dear friends

Recently, I started using a system that is now generating hundreds of views towards my offers, daily! Without me having to lift a finger!

But, before I obtained these results, I had to implement and set up a system crossing various websites, which took me a couple of days to finish the initial setup. So, if you’re not prepared to do some work in order to have a perpetual traffic machine, then leave it as it is.

Otherwise, if you’re eager to have continuous streams of traffic towards your offers, then I advice you to start building up your own traffic system. It will take some hours of your time, depending on your current level of experience with Internet marketing, but the results are very satisfying, besides you earn a few coins on top of it also.

So if you’re serious about your business, get over there and start setting up your own Viral Traffic Machine!

Go here: Set it up here!

Good luck and kind regards,

Stijn Desmet

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EZ Hitzs




October Promo Codes

Updated on October 8, 2020
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Member of the Elite Tigers Group since I started I.M. in 2019.VIP-membership obtained in all 25 sites of the ETG since August 2020.

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775 Promo Codes: A lot of free advertising + opportunity of the year: lifetime founder membership at 25 sites!

It has been a while and honestly, I forgot this magnificent event occurs every few months, but now it has been almost a year we had to wait for a new series of promo codes, 775 to be exact, all given out during this month, October 2020,

Halloween Promo Codes

I am telling you about the Elite Tigers Group bi-yearly promo codes-event: the 25 sites of this group will validate the given promo code for that day. So, each day, 1 promo code you can validate on each site of the Elite Tigers Group.

The 25 sites are a nice mix of advertising sites, downline builders, list builders, investment programs, a bit of everything, with a unique selling point for every website, it is surely not a series of same shit 25 times, but a tour of what is possible to set up to make some profit in this business!

When participating (for free of course), you assure yourself of a huge bunch of free advertising to a targeted membership base, as my mailings send out to a site of the Elite Tigers Group, result each and every time in an open rate of more than 5 %! Which is pretty high for this kind of websites!

A real no-brainer, get your membership in the for you most interesting websites, or even better, get your membership (again free) in each and every one of the 25 sites, you won’t regret, I’ll tell you: a lot of my referrals in the sites I promote, come from one of the websites of the Elite Tigers Group!

But hey, it’s getting even better, go click the link hereunder, and get my hardly known secret, my ultimate tip at this moment, it’s making it possible to achieve VIP-founder-membership for free in every one of the 25 websites!

Wombat Profits Special

Wombat Wealth V.I.P.

If that is not amazing?! I do not believe you’ll find a better offer between your other emails, so do yourself a favour, and stop wasting time, the one thing you should do right now is aiming for the VIP-founder statue (the highest level!) in all those sites. Don’t hesitate, you don’t have to promote as hell, you don’t have to buy expensive stuff in order to obtain this wanted ‘GOD-level’. I am talking here of a 5-minute solution which does not ask any hard efforts from your side, go see for yourself!

You can thank me later 😉

Kind regards,

Stijn Desmet

admin of MyDownlineNetwork.com

The 25 sites of the Elite Tigers Group

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